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Lithuanian Literature Juditos Vaičiūnaitės Lyrikos Noveliškumas
lithuanian literature juditos vaičiūnaitės lyrikos noveliškumas
The connections between the Judita Vaiciunaite’s lyrical poetry and other genres are analyzed, stressing that the most important of them is the short story. The most important models of a short story poem and their poetics are discussed. This type of poem formed and anchored itself for a long time in the poet‘s creation in the sixties. The lyric plot is typical, emphasizing the “he” and “she” situation, often fragments of dialogues make their way into the plot, and reality is shown by means of few details.

Language: lithuanian
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Rapport Dgcl Arab 26/05/04 15:35 Page 1
rapport dgcl arab 26/05/04 15:35 page 1
Language: lithuanian
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Amber In Lithuanian Archaeological Literature
amber in lithuanian archaeological literature
.The present amber bibliography covers the period of Lithuanian Archaeological literature from 1792 to 2001. Articles focusing exclusively on amber theme. Archeology, 1782-1998). The current work “Amber in Lithuanian Archaeological Literature” has no ambition of being an all-exhausting study, but. material belonging to Lithuanian Archaeological sites. “Amber in Lithuanian Archaeological Literature” is divided into following parts. I General knowledge (amber in.

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Cortisol And Stress Effects. Review Of Literature Kortizolis Ir
cortisol and stress effects. review of literature kortizolis ir
Summary The review summarizes our current understanding of the causes and consequences of adrenal function in critically ill patients. Activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA) represents one of several important responses to stressful events and critical illnesses. HPA axis function is crucial to maintain and restore homeostasis and does not function in isolation. Rather, the HPA axis modulates and reacts to signals from endocrine, neural, and immune systems. Cortisol is the major .

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